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How to Choose Your Accessories

Every accessory must be chosen wisely in order to emphasize your qualities and hide flaws. Proper accessories can make an outfit look fabulous or ruin it completely. Therefore, everything stands in the way you choose your accessories. Regardless the dress you are wearing, make sure that your necklace, earrings or bracelet not only flatter your outfit, but also your face shape and body size.


Accessories represent the main element of an outfit. Therefore, it's important to know how to choose them right so they compliment your best features.

When choosing your handbag pay attention to the size which must be according to the size and shape of your body. Therefore, if you are tall or more voluptuous try to avoid buying a small purse as it will only emphasize the size of the body. That's why it's important to choose wisely your handbag taking into consideration your figure, without going to extremes.

Take tour time whenever buying a handbag in order to find one that really flatters you. Opt for a purse that it's opposite to your body type. So, if you are rather voluptuous go for a long purse, a tote or a messenger one, but if you are thin and tall choose a round shape bag. Messenger bags are not a smart option if you want to avoid drawing attention on the hips. For a petite figure, choose smaller and simple bags such as a clutch. Tall women are the luckiest as they have plenty of possibilities. If you want to hide a large stomach avoid wearing bags that end around the middle.

Bracelets and watches

The size of the wrist and that of the arms have a great influence when choosing a bracelet or a watch.
  • If you have a delicate, slender wrist choose medium-sized accessories in order to compensate, as big sizes would only disproportionate the wrist.
  • On the other hand, if you have a larger wrist, avoid small accessories and go for medium or bigger ones without going to extremes.
  • For thick and short arms, opt for bracelets and watches with medium volume and shapes that give the illusion of verticality. Fine accessories are a good choice.
  • For long arms you can choose wider bracelets in order to add volume.
  • For small and short hands, medium and small sizes are the best option. Longer shapes also work.
  • For really thin, slender arms and wrists we need to add volume by choosing bracelets made from rough materials and bright colors.

  • Necklaces

    The size of your necklace must be chosen according to your face type and the width of the neck.
    If you have a small face, go for big necklaces in order to lengthen the face. Avoid short necklaces as they would only shorten it more. Medium sizes would also work as long as you keep them close to the face. For a short neck, choose long and extra-long necklaces in order to give verticality and length.
    If you have a long face, short necklaces and medium-size ones are the right choice. In case you have a long neck you need to follow the same guidelines as your objective is to reduce the length of the neck.


    Choosing your earrings is not such an easy thing to do, because one must take into consideration several factors. In order to know what size is the best, you should first know the shape and size of the face and ears.
  • If you have big ears you can choose medium-sized earrings. On the other hand, if you have smaller ears, choose medium to small earrings and always avoid big ones.
  • Round face: choose long earrings and avoid round-shaped ones as they will only make your face look rounder .
  • If you have angular features, use round-shaped earrings to break the linearity.
  • Long face: round or square earrings.

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