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How to Choose Sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been an essential stylish accessory especially during the summer when our eyes need protection more than ever. Selecting a pair of sunglasses based on the latest fashion trends might seem like a convenient option but in order to choose the best sunglasses that truly compliment us and offer an adequate protection we must take into account several aspects.

A pair of sunglasses is an indispensable accessory that can instantly perk up our appearance. Nowadays sunglasses come into a variety of shapes, sizes and colors at different price ranges. Generally when selecting a pair of sunglasses personal preferences are the ones that dictate the final choice but there are other important aspects should not be neglect either. UV protection, the lens and your face shape are perhaps the most important aspects you need to think of before making a decision.


Because sun can cause permanent eye damage it's essential to choose a pair that will offer an adequate protection against this threat. Your sunglasses should offer protection against UVA rays as well as UVB rays (which are the most damaging for the eyes). UVC rays are not a threat for our eyes due to the fact that they are absorbed in the atmosphere. You should choose a pair of glasses that has a UV 400 ultraviolet light filter which offers almost 100% protection.


The lens are the main factor that influences the cost and the durability of the sunglasses. The lens can be made from four different type of materials: glass, NXT polyurethane, polycarbonate and acrylic. Glass lens are generally the most expensive and provide the most clarity while acrylic lens are the most inexpensive. Polarized lens are recommended in order to prevent eyestrain.

As far as colors are concerned plenty of options are available. Brown gray and green are the most popular lens colors and many people prefer them because they do not distort colors. These lens are also the ones that are the most recommended for the health of our eyes. Yellow and rose tinted sunglasses enhance contrasts but yellow tinted glasses are highly recommended for winter sports.

Sunglasses and face shape

A final detail that must be taken into consideration when trying to choose the perfect pair of sunglasses is our face shape. If we wish to invest in a high quality designer sunglasses our face shape is an essential aspect that we should think of. Our facial profile provides important clues that determine what are the characteristics that the perfect pair of sunglasses should have. Here are the the most suitable glasses for each type of face shape:

Oval face

Those who have this face shape can choose from a variety of sunglasses as almost any type of sunglasses will compliment them. Geometrically shaped glasses are almost always a safe bet. However it is important to choose frames that match the proportions of your face for best results.

Square face

Those who have a square face shape should avoid sunglasses that have a similar shape because these types of sunglasses the most inappropriate. On the other hand, aviator sunglasses and butterfly shaped glasses represent more flattering choices

Triangular face

Sunglasses that have narrow frames should be avoided as much as possible for a triangular face. On the other hand, cat style sunglasses an excellent choice.

Round face

A wide variety of choices are available for those who have round faces. Wide geometric frames or oval frames will be universally flattering while round lentils will only add more roundness to the face being an unsuitable choice.

Oblong faces are best complimented with sunglasses that have oval lens.

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