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2010 Funky Accessories Trend

Accessories are of great importance when it comes to physical appearance and style so take a peek at the following new accessories trend so you can look fabulously stylish this summer.

Fashion accessories are a very important detail in fashion as they have the ability to transform and complete the look of an outfit in an instant. The 2010 funky accessories trend seems to come and underline their importance as they are statement accessories which do stand out due to their design.

Accessories come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes so they can match different fashion styles and complete their look. Designers seem to have found a way to complete the look of their outfits using funky oversized accessories which look fabulous. Matching a lovely oversized accessory to an elegant outfit is not easy but fashion designers managed to do so perfectly. The new trend is absolutely fabulous and comes as a breath of fresh air in fashion. The 80's are responsible for the introduction of funky, oversized accessories and the 80's were a great influence over the fashion trends this spring/summer fashion season.

Accessories don't limit themselves to jewelry; hair accessories, shoes and handbags are also fabulous fashion accessories which have the power to complete a certain look. Diversity is one of the main characteristics of fashion trends this summer, because a variety of styles have been seen on the runway podiums.
To look fabulous try to inspire yourself from fashion designers and introduce funky accessories into your wardrobe to upgrade your style. These are the main items you should opt for so you can look fabulous:

Funky jewelry
Jewelry designs this season are absolutely fabulous and capture all the attention. The jewelry designs are great, oversized, statement jewelry which attract attention is the way to go. Whether with precious gems or simple, the more opulent the jewelry the better the result. Vintage gold colored necklaces and bracelets are the most popular so try to incorporate them into your style by inspiring yourself from fabulous designer collections signed Lanvin, Moschino, Rick Owens, Veronique Leroy, etc.

Veronique Leroy 2010Rick Owens 2010

Funky shoes
Shoes play a very important role when it comes to style and the look of an outfit as they have the ability to complete the look. There are a variety shoe styles available to match all fashion styles and trends and it seems that the new trends have brought funky style shoes back. Whether due to their design or color, this type of shoes can be matched with several fashion style from retro casual to elegant. Inspire your shoe design from Les Copains, Gianfranco Ferre, Prada, Tsumori Chisato, Alexander McQueen, etc.

Les Copains 2010Alexander McQueen 2010

Funky eye wear
Eye wear is not a trend anymore as it is a necessity as sunglasses help protect the eyes against UV rays, and can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines, due to the fact that the bright light is diminished preventing you from making grimaces which can cause wrinkles. Choose your funky eye wear just like Moschino Cheap and Chic, Prada, Frankie Morello, Emanuel Ungaro, etc.

Moschino Cheap and ChicEmanuel Ungaro 2010

Funky hair accessories
Hair accessories are great as they can upgrade the look of your hairstyle. There are a variety of hair accessories available to choose from. Funky hair accessories stand out due to their design and size so inspire yourself from fashion designers who dared to go bold with hair accessories such as Moschino, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Luella, etc.

Moschino 2010Luella 2010

Funky handbags
Women love handbags as they upgrade their outfit and allow them to carry all their personal belongings easily and with style. There are a variety of handbag styles but the new funky handbag designs stand out the most. Take a peek at the gorgeous funky handbags designed by Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc.
Photos via elle.com

Stella McCartney 2010Marc by Marc Jacobs

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